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Note: SolarWinds recommends that the client and server major and minor version numbers match. For example, a client running version 7.1 that connects to a Mobile Admin server running 8.1 will not be able to use all of the features of the server.

Features supported in this release

Demo Server Connect to a live demo server to tour features of the Mobile Admin Server.
iOSUpdated to the iOS 7.0 SDK to prepare for future iOS updates.
LicensingUpgrade to new versions of Mobile Admin using the new Synchronize button in the License Manager instead of entering a new license key.
NavigationUpdated the Android app's navigation to a more modern look and feel.
NavigationUpdated the navigation so that you start on the Services page after you logon to the MA Server.

End of Life Announcement

Mobile Admin version 7.1 has entered the End-of-Life cycle. For more information about SolarWinds EoL Policy, view the SolarWinds EOL Policy online.

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